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    This E-portfolio features work that has been done by Chrystalla Georghiou during her undergraduate education at St.Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. Georghiou graduated St. Mary's University with a Bachlor's of Enghlish-Communication Arts in 2012 and is currently pursuing her Master's in Advertising at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

¿Hablas español?

¿No? Well according to the 2011 U.S. Census 35 million U.S. residents over the age of five speak Spanish at home do. So what does this mean for your AdWords PPC campaign? That depends does your business target Latin American consumers? If it does then, Latin American PPC campaigns are for you! In 2011 comScore … Continue reading


On April 14th, Adweek published an article that displayed 24 canidates applying for the hardest job in the world. Take a look at the video, some of the requirements are flatout outragious. Why anyone would want to work so hard for such little recognition is beyond me, but then again a mom would do anything for her children. … Continue reading

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If All Brands Were Like J.Crew?

Have you ever asked your self if Brands listen to you? Well we do try. We try to look at demographics, psychographics, consumption habits, and social media to find out a little bit more about you as a customer. But I must say that J.Crew goes above and beyond to listen to their customers. Last … Continue reading

Dremablend Professional Ask People to Blend in to Standout

Earlier today Ad Week posted an article that talks about beauty. This is an unconventional ad, because it seeks to find beauty within women rather than what is on the surface. In today’s world we know that the pressures women face when it comes to beauty grows every day and starts at younger ages than … Continue reading

Barbie, Self-esteem and Women

In every culture we look to the norms to define beauty. Advertising, TV, Music, Movies, and even literature tell us the standard of which we as women should hold ourselves. Yet this standard has evolved again and again over many decades. At first the curvy women such as Marilyn Monroe were deemed beautiful, then in … Continue reading

How Tory Burch is a Storydoer

There is a difference between storytellers and storydoers. Storyteller companies have a message, but it is not intergrated into the whole company. Examples of storytellers are Target, Walt Disney, American Express, Apple, Jet Blue and IBM. Storydoers are companies that have a narrative through action and emphasize the creation of the compelling experience. Red Bull, TOMS, Warby … Continue reading

Branded Apps

Brands are looking for ways to engage their consumer more, either by tailoring campaigns towards them, utilizing gamification or even collaborative marketing. However the answer to getting consumers engaged is in their pocket. Branded apps ensure that loyal consumers are in constant contact with their favorite brands and mobile is the new, engaging space in … Continue reading

Inspiration and User Generated Content

Consumers in today’s world crave creative outlets and dialogs with the brands that they are loyal too and Canon recognized this need in their consumers, which lead to the development of Project Imagin8tion. This campaign would  “develop a fully collaborative branding strategy that really embraces and focuses ‘consumer power’ to create/propel multifaceted, multilayered living [brand].” … Continue reading

Inner Strength

Raymond Nadeau author of Living Brands states that one of the most important things is “a brand that reflects culture and collective dreams and pushes those dreams to the forefront of changing social mores.” Brawny Towels does this by taking a hard subject for most consumers and showing them that those who have served our … Continue reading

Nike and Twitter: A Match Made in Customer Service Heaven

With social media becoming more and more important in effectively reaching out to consumers it becomes even more important to understand how to use it. Many companies still use social media as a tool to tell consumer about them, rather than ask consumers opinions or address problems. When researching companies that use social media affectively … Continue reading